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The company hold the corn combine new product launch presentation
文章作者:  添加時間:2014-07-31
    On July 30, the company held agricultural machinery corn harvester at the scene of the new product presentation. Come from shandong, henan, hebei, anhui, jiangsu, hubei, shaanxi, shanxi, gansu, Inner Mongolia, ningxia, heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning and other places of agricultural machinery management departments, dealers and large part of the agricultural machinery for a total of more than 700 people participated in the activities. Delegates visited company production field, the new project construction site, to inspect the scene of the corn combine new products of the company presentation. This recommendation activity, the company introduced for various areas mainly corn planting patterns and habits of the 18 new corn united harvest machine. The overall technology level has reached the domestic leading of these products. Participated in the activities of agricultural machinery management department leadership, dealers and large agricultural machinery for the company's corn harvest machine research and development and performance of new products to give the full affirmation. Through this activity, and the dealer sign procurement intentions more than 2000 sets, agricultural machinery, large, agreed on volume of 200 million yuan.
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